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Kristopher Monroe

Writer/Culture Assassin


I'm originally from Atlanta, GA where I was born and raised. I relocated to Seattle for a few years, then moved to New York where I thought I'd stay, but ended up relocating again after a little over seven years in NY. I'm now based in Savannah, GA, where I never envisioned I'd end up at this point in my life, but somehow it makes every bit of sense.

I've been a writer and editor for almost 20 years now, writing mostly freelance for a variety of regional, national, and international publications. I've been a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly. I've covered films for the Tribeca Film Festival. And I've been an arts editor for various publications, including my last stint at Inside Philanthropy. I currently cover the arts for the Savannah Morning News and write a weekly arts and community column which recently won a Georgia Press Award for Lifestyle/Feature Column. I've contributed to publications ranging from The Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, Village Voice, and New York Press, to more niche publications like Juxtapoz, Dazed & Confused, Beautiful/Decay, and Swindle. I've also had a number of short stories published over the years, mostly in smaller circulation zines.

In addition to writing I've worked in a variety of fields, including social services, community development, fine art, photography, architecture and design, theater, event production, and an assortment of other more mundane jobs to pay the bills. I've done a lot of work in various capacities with different disadvantaged populations, including the homeless, the elderly, and youth of all ages. I'm currently acting vice-chair of Savannah's Historic Site and Monument Commission and also a member of the Cultural Affairs Commission.




Savannah, GA




Categories of Coverage

visual arts

The visual arts are of particular interest and is one of the areas I feel most comfortable writing about, particularly as it relates to larger social issues.

social justice/community issues

This is a fairly broad category that weaves through much of my writing. I mostly focus on these areas through the lens of the arts, but occasionally write about them without filters.


Film is one of my favorite art forms, though I don't cover it as much as I used to. In another life I would have been a film director.


History is a relatively recent interest of mine, particularly as it relates to the institution of slavery in America and racial issues.


I've written about a variety of musical styles, with an emphasis on DJ culture, hip hop, and electronic music, thought it's not something I cover much now.


When I have some new worthwhile fiction to post, I will do so. My past efforts have evaporated into the interweb ether.


We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.
— Bill Hicks